Civil, military establishment has no right to hold national politics, governments hostage: Liaqat Baloch


MANANWALA:    Naib Amir JI Liaqat Baloch has said civil and military establishment has no right to hold national politics and the governments hostage.

“civil and military establishment has no right to make national politics and governments hostage. The oath taken under constitution should be upheld”, he said this while talking to media men here.

Regarding recognition of Israel he said government will have to adopt stringent stance in this regard. Any question of recognizing Israel in any way stands ruled out, he added.

We stand shoulder to shoulder with our Kashmiri brethren in their just struggle for freedom of Kashmir, he underlined.

The raging storm of inflation has made the life of common man miserable, he remarked.

The parliamentary system in the country will have to fortified, he remarked.
Those talking of presidential system should see what doom US presidential system has met, he underlined.

Owing to ill conceived policies of the government the national economy stands ruined, he lamented. State bank has given indication of more inflation, he added. But the Tabdeeli sarkar, Prime Minister and their cronies will bring what change.

He underscored India will have to pull out its forces to put to end its brutalities in Kashmir,.

Condemning Indian forces brutalities in occupied Kashmir he said India can not suppress movement of right to self determination in Kashmir through such vicious tactics.

Pakistan image at international level has been tarnished due to the ill conceived policies of the incumbent government, he remarked.


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