Noise pollution


Shoaib Ahmed;
It is very important to say that Pakistan is sixth popular  country in the world with a population of 219 million which is suffering from bundle of sensitive issues but noise pollution is one them which mostly causes the people who are going to their duties or workplaces in the country. Noise pollution impacts million of people on daily basis . Mostly it causes to the children and it damage the memory of the children due to noise pollution . Furthermore it cannot be seen ,but it is present nonetheless. It is consider one of the unwanted or disturbing sound that effects the health and well being of human and other organisms, also it gives several disease ,likewise causes of high blood pressure, heart disease , sleep disturbance  and stress. On the other hand these health problem can affect all age groups, especially children. Many children who live near noisy airports or stress have been found to suffer from stress and other problem , such as impairments in memory , attention level and reading skill. Noise pollution also impacts the health and well being of wildlife. The Government of Pakistan is suggested that to create a good environment for this issue , which is causing the people.


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