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Naheema Meer Umrani

Poliovirus,one of the fatal diseases ,has been wiped out all over in the world except Pakistan and Afghanistan.Polio is a crippling disease it can paralyse the complete nation of the country. However, 71 new cases have been reported in this year. Due to COVID-19 40 million children missed out vaccinated for polio in Pakistan. It can be a drastic challenge for the country. If we turn the pages of calendar,before some years certain obstacles have been placed on the way of eradication of poliovirus . According to the experts many polio vaccinators have been killed because they were considered the foreign agents. Secondly, mullahs misguided people regarding polio vaccine which reduce the sexual power of men and  it is considered “Haram” illegal . Due to it parents do not allow their children to be vaccinated.


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