Poor maintenance and bad conditions of Mirpurkhas Parks and Playgrounds

Muhammad Nasir Iqbal
Public Parks and playgrounds in Mirpurkhas need attention of the concerned authorities to make them clean and attractive places for visitors. There are many parks but only three parks open for visitors namely Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto, Bibi Asfa Butto Zardari (ladies Park) and Nazeer Husain Parks. However, due to lare number of visitors from other area of the city, particularly on special occasions, condition of these parks and playgrounds becomes poor which need regular attention for maintenance by the concerned authorities. Finding a public toilet in the parks has always been a hard task for people. The facility of clean drinking water is also missing in these parks. After sunset, many younger are seen wandering and smoking in the parks. No cleanliness measures were taken as there were wrappers and plastic bags everywhere. Dustbins were not in the picture at all. Swings were in a dilapidated condition. Iron chains, seats and even top rods were missing, causing much disappointment to the children. The stairs, adjacent to the slides, were without protective steel rods. The park had uneven and poorly maintained grass. The Citizens urged the administration to take notice of the situation and speed up maintenance work for equipping the parks with facilities such as public transport, parking, toilets, and clean drinking water. (-The writer is a freelance columnist, based in Mirpurkhas.)

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