Joe Biden to nominate Antony Blinken as the new Secretary of State


According to the US media reports, Newly elected president of the US Mr. Joe Biden is expected to nominate the new Secretary of State and national security adviser, and Veteran of the foreign service under his upcoming administration in 2021. Joe Biden has made a vow to bring positive changes in the government of the US by nominating the most unexpected and experienced people of the US. Who will be the expected new Secretary of State after Mike Pompeo? Veteran diplomat Antony Blinken; Former deputy secretary of state and as deputy national security adviser in President Obama’s administration and known as A ‘defender of global alliances’ from the New York Times. This news was also reported by the Reuters news agency that Joe Biden will be making an announcement on Tuesday for Blinken’s nomination. What are the views of Blinken on the national interests of the US? According to the New York Times, Blinken will be leading the competitive world by joining with them for China, particularly. What are going to be his major priorities? To restore the US as a trusted ally, to rejoin the community of the world, to establish relationships through agreements, and not to run on the way of the Trump administration’s; he withdrew from several contracts and deals of the US with other countries and intergovernmental organisations. What are the duties of the Secretary of State? The President of the US is an authority to nominate his Secretary of State for his administration to constitute ideas and incorporate them in foreign policy of the country. The Secretary of State is the Chief Foreign Policy Adviser, according to the US Constitution. The US Constitution describes his role as “The Secretary carries out the President’s foreign policies through the State Department and the Foreign Service of the United States”.


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