Global warming, a great threat to climate change


Accepting the fact that , climate change describes a change in average conditions , such as temperature and rainfall over a region for a long period of time. For example, before some years a mountain has been covered with glacier, but after a time when Earth’s temperature become  warm so we have a warmer climate and fewer glaciers. In Pakistan, climate change is expected to cause wide reaching effects on Pakistan. One of the main causes is the melting of glaciers in the Himalayas, threatens the volumetric flow rate of the many important rivers in Pakistan which results in floods and great loss of humanity. We can’t deny the fact that our country. Human activities are the main causes of climate change, the forecast is global warming which Pakistan is in high concern regarding such warnings especially in moonsoon alerts. Climate change is becoming humankind greatest threat in modern times and is likely to have profound consequences for socio-economic sectors such as health, food production, energy consumption and natural source management. We can see that situation of Pakistan after such adverse affects of pollution and increasing number of asthma patients in troublesome conditions. Pakistan continues to face environmental issues even in these hazardous times of COVID-19 . The transportation system like vehicles produces more harmful impacts. PM recently feared a second wave of novel viruses in the country’s urban centres, which are already reeling under pollution in the coming months. Addressing the encouragement of Clean Green Pakistan is not being proceeded at all . Since we ourselves can observe that the environment in Pakistan is being worsen until authorities of Pakistan don’t undertake problems of pollution causes, it’s effects on human , aquatic, animals lives. Several cities in Pakistan like Karachi , the pollution, smoke production is high . It makes me feel very silly to said that we are taking the virus do cheaply and we won’t care. Certainly doing this , we can’t control air pollution and better management of solid waste, and no one cannot deny the fact the high population increasing pollution production becomes stagnant in atmosphere and creating different diseases especially in winter . Being so irresponsible and never having a glance on country’s environment , this can bring a very great loss of our coming generations and they would face the consequences of this way as we have destroyed forests. It is very sad to mention that deforestation effects are so dangerous in Pakistan , and including soil erosion , and our Earth’s temperature is hot which may further cause global warming . It is to alert that Pakistan is one of countries which is facing climate failure. So now think ways how yo control these things and make Pakistan a clean and green land . Therefore the government of Pakistan should be cautious inorder to make our country free from these harmful effects and work for clean and green Pakistan.

(-The writer is a student in Bolan English Language Center, Turbat city.)


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