Old airport road to have 3 overhead bridges



RAWALPINDI:   Decision has been taken to construct three overhead bridges to put a leash on day to day growing road accidents on old airport road.

Every day on this road is a fatal day for pedestrians and every minute of this road is an alarming minute for elderly people and children as the propensity of overspeeding and ire of frenzied young men seated on the driving seats of cars within a moment claims life of an elderly person or extinguishes the flame of life of budding young man or crushes the hopes of mothers with crushing her baby to death.

Life span has lost its meaning on this road as terribly echoing screeches of mothers, fathers ,sisters, wives and children over the blood bathed injured people lying in pitiable plight after having been hit by unscrupulous and spoilt children of the affluent segments of society.

According to media reports, PAF Base management has sought NOC from the concerned quarters for building overhead bridges.

There are certain security issues on the road in the perspective of construction of overhead bridges which have drawn some reservations from the concerned ends.

The overhead bridges will be constructed subject to issuance of


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