SC orders KMU administration to create space for providing seat to student Saqiq Hussain


ISLAMABAD,  (Parliament Times) : Supreme Court (SC) has directed Khyber Medical University (KMU) administration to create space for providing seat to student Sadiq Hussain till November 23 on a petition filed by him against non granting admission to him on merit.

A 3-member bench of SC presided over by Justice Mushir Alam took up the petition for hearing Friday.

The counsel for the petitioner argued during the hearing of the case Sadiq Hussain got education from the area of Ama Zai. The student Tayyaba Khan whom admission was given as compared to Sadiq Khan has got education from outside. She got education at Ama Zai only for 40 days and even then she was given admission.

He further argued the school of which education certificate of 40 days has been attached is also fake. During this period the school remained closed in connection with vacations.

Justice Mushir Alam remarked the education future of the children is put at stake owing to negligence of the university. Several cases come in the court due to the negligence of the university. In this matter bid has been made to mislead the court. There is clear contradiction in admission procedure in terms of prospectus, university policy and advertisement.

He further remarked the court’s time is being wasted due to wrong admission policy of the KMU. Can admission be given in any madrissah for such a short period. Did university not check it while giving admission that educational certificate is not correct. It is tragedy that fake certificates come from DCO and madrissah. It becomes difficult for the court to scrutinize them. Has university any seat against which Sadiq Hussain be given admission.

University representative took the plea they can tell the court after reviewing the record that if there is any space for giving admission or otherwise.

The court while giving time for two days to the university administration maintained if KMU has no room for giving admission then court will give decision on merit.

The hearing of the case was adjourned till November 23.


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