Letters to the editor



Pakistan ranks as the sixth most dangerous country in the world for women, with cases of sexual harassment. Unfortunately, in many of these cases, culprits exploited the grey areas in the criminal jurisprudence, used  money and their influence to go scot-free, there is no such irreplaceable action against rapists. The rape cases are arriving at their climax day by day, children are being the addition of rapists, recently a child with her mother was brutally raped. The criminals are still roaming around no one is arrested yet. It seems that in upcoming days it will be hard for women to come out from their houses due to such criminals who are not getting any kind of response from the government for their inhuman act. The government’s need to address an alarming rise in sexual violence against women and girls. -Khuda Dad Baloch, Karachi.


Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is defined as compulsive and out of control drug use, despite negative consequences. In the last few decades, drug addiction has increased exponentially in Pakistan. Drug addiction is a huge problem of the country and it is spreading rapidly and affecting the young generation. Mostly, illegal drugs come from neighbouring Afghanistan. It is estimated that few million people in the country are drug users. Pakistan has 7.6 million drug users among them 78% male while the rest of 28% considered female and 4 million people are addicted among the highest number if any country. Pakistan’s illegal drug trade is believed to generate up 2& billion a year. However, Afghanistan is responsible at least 75 per cent of the world’s population for exporting heroin. -Aqsa M. Assa Turbat,Kech.




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