Covid-19: From Virus To Vaccine

It was 31 December, when the World Health Organization (WHO) was alerted to the dangers of Pneumonia in Wuhan city of Hubei province China. This health emergency created unrest in the several areas of the Hubei province. Consequently, it was 7 January, when the Republic Of China confirmed that the deadly disease is not Pneumonia but a virus that is causing damages to the health and immune system of the people as well as spreading quickly from the infected person to others nearby. This is ‘Coronavirus’. Pneumonia is only the symptom of this novel virus. Such corroboration of the case from Chinese Government cautioned the world to immediately take measures against the spread of the virus. According to the reports, there is a Wuhan Food Market in the remote area of Wuhan city, where ‘BushMeat Selling and Purchasing’ is a famous practice. That meat is being haunted by the sellers from the animals living in forests of China. Its serious consequences led China and the world in most deaths of all ages; it occurred due to the spread of Coronavirus. After China, Japan, USA and Saudi Arabia in a series confirmed the case. From 31 December till date, this virus has not only eaten the lives of people but also has damaged the global economy. Both South Asia and East Asia are seriously affected by the virus; India is the most target of this virus owing to the largest population factor. How the cases of this virus emerged in Pakistan? Because at least 2 thousand students from Pakistan were pursuing degrees in Wuhan City, where the first case emerged and was confirmed by the provincial government. Except these 2 thousand students, many were studying in other provinces also. They cried over split milk to allow them to return back to Pakistan. Such are the bitter facts of the past 11 months. But what is going now in Pakistan? Coronavirus in Pakistan has killed at least 7,193 people and around 324,834 people have been recovered out of 361,082 patients as well as 29,055 active cases remaining across the country. The Prime Minister Imran Khan has now shown his covid concerns and has approved $100 million dispense for purchasing covid-19 vaccine from international firms. This process will take about 4 months to get results in the specific areas only. It looks like the vaccine is going to be as expensive as the iPhone.

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