Water Shortage

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Zainab Anwar
The impurity of water is causing problems for human which is affecting most of the countries including Pakistan. The industrial and human waste products are thrown in rivers which is being polluted . However, there is no proper sanitation for water and it is because of paucity of facilities. Impure water causes plenty of serious diseases to human health. Impure water has risked million of lives. By the way, there are 10 most polluted rivers in the world among them 8 are from Asia. UN said general assembly and International Organisation to allocate funds for clean drinking water. UN is there in order to help the countries which are facing acute water shortage. Before some years many organisations were successful in sanitation of water and also still most of the people suffered from acute water crisis in Asia. The solution of this is to take all areas and shakeholders for the water management which was done in many countries successfully. Government needs to take immediate steps against water crisis and tackle it.

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