PBUH The Last Messenger

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Sufi Mudassir Jan Alkhairi;
Throughout the ages, Allah Almighty not only fulfilled the physical needs of humanity but also provided them spiritual and emotional guidance through his messengers. Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was the last messenger. After him, Islam began to spread by his companions, and later on, by Ulama, Fuqaha and Awliya who strictly held his teachings and became the source of spiritual and emotional wellbeing for humanity. One such personality who is working tirelessly in the 21st Century is Abul Jamal Shaykh Muhammad Badar Alam Jan. He is a renowned Islamic Scholar and Ambassador of Peace. He is also the CUSTODIAN of Holy Shrine of MurshidAbad , Peshawar and Patron in Chief of Khawaja Abul Khair Foundation. He is the son of Qutb e Alam Abul Khair Shaykh Muhamm Abdullah Jan (r.a), the founder of Holy Shrine of MurshidAbad, Peshawar and a renowned Sufi saint. He was born on Saturday the 19th Jamadul Saani 1393 A.H / 21st July, 1973 in Peshawar, Pakistan. From childhood, he posessed unique abilities such as kindness, morality, generosity, honesty and sincerity. His father always paid special attention on his education, training, evolution and growth.He secured religious education from various renowned institutions. He completed his Graduation in Islamic Shariah Law from International Islamic University, Islamabad. As a result of special attention of his father and purely religious atmosphere of his home, heposesses virtuous and pious life from the very begining as per characteristics of the Apostles and great Saints. He possesses complete command on the modern, religious, spiritual and old education.He was awarded “Ijazat and Khilafat” in all salasil in Riaz-ul Janat of Masjid Nabvi by Abul Khair Shaykh Muhammad Abdullah Jan (r.a). Mufti Azam Sham (Syria), Qutub Waqt (Qutub of Time) Al-Shaikh Kufaro awarded him Ijazat and Khilafat in Silsila Aaliya Naqshbandia (of Great Naqshbandia Order) during his visit to Syria with his beloved father. In Madina Pak Hadrat Al-Shaikh Moulana Dr.Rizwan Ahmed Qadri Rizvi, predecessor of Qutub Madina, Hadrat Ziauddin Ahmad Madni awarded him Ijazat and Khilafat in Silsila Aaliya Qadria Razvia. In Makkatul Mukarma, Hadrat Al-Shaikh Muhammad Abbas Alvi Al-Malki, the predecessor of Hadrat Al-Shaikh Alama Al-Syed Muhammad Alvi Al-Malki Al-Hasani awarded him Ijazat and Khilafat in certain Spiritual Orders and also awarded him Certificate relating to Holy Ahaadith (Holy Traditions). By the grace of Allah, he is vehemently engaged in Zikr and Fikr and is rendering very valuable and attractive services day and night for the revival and growth of Islam, religious education, publications, evolution of spiritualism and rendering welfare services etc in Pakistan and in foreign countries of the World. He is endeavoring utmost to mend and purify the astray people and connect the humankind with our beloved Almighty Allah and our beloved Holy Prophet (PBUH) . Shaykh Abul Jamal is undertaking hectic and rapid long spiritual and religious tours within the country as well as in foreign countries and he has placed several astray people on the straight path. Non-Muslims have embraced Islam at his hands. Thousands youth, elders and people from all walk of life have entered in the spiritual order at his hands and mended themselves. He with his father Shaykh Abul Khair have paid rapid visits to India, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Korea, Singapore, England, USA, Canada, West Indies, Spain, France, Germany, Belgium, Holland (Netherlands), Australia, Turkmanistan, Uzbekistan etc. He is completely managing and administering all the affairs of Shrine, Khanqah and Abul Khair Foundation efficiently. He delivers addresses, speeches, sermons and lectures to reform, purify and mend the people. May Allah Almighty give us the opportunity to learn from these blessed people, purify our souls and spread the message of peace in the world.


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