Students in AJK lacks education facilities



Muzaffarabad,  (Parliament Times)  :The state of AJK has manifold issues but the problem of quality and up to date education facilities is one of the major dilemmas. In the 2005 earthquake, across 5 affected
districts of AJK, approximately 80% of TVET institutions and 65% of public sector education had
either been destroyed or badly damaged.
According to Annual Status of Education Report (ASER) across AJK the school facilities and condition are not very favorable, 41% school are without buildings and 87% without electricity, 73% are without availability of drinking water and 82% are lacking boundary walls and only 30% of schools have the luxury of toilets.
After the earthquake 2005 the Non Governmental sector has remarkably contributed in development of education sector and in the continuation of efforts ‘Carrott Kids’ an NGO founded by entrepreneur Shireen Khan from the UK, is constructing Government Boys Primary School Cheerban located in union council Panjkot Tehsil Naseerabad and District Muzaffarabad.

The efforts of Carrott Kids are commendable because the students have been studying in shelter school since 2005 without the facilities of drinking water, electricity, toilets, library and boundary wall.
The local community welcomes Carrott Kids and are thankful for the provision of school facility.
Currently, in collaboration of the Education Department Govt. of AJK the organization is constructing a three-room earthquake proof building with the facility of electricity, washrooms and drinking water facility. The state of AJK needs the consideration of many more such organization and looking forward for the development of around 1,000 schools in education sector through the provision of facilities and modern tools of education.


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