Rape culprits & their punishment


Mujeeb Ali Samo

It is a heart-wrenching incident of raping a mother and four years old little child for three days. I am in the state melancholy and grievance for my innocent people who are a victim of rape and the extortion. They feel no secure even in their own country. On the pretext of providing a home-based job, a woman was asked to come to Kashmore. The woman traveled to the city with her four-year-old daughter and met the men who had offered a job at a hospital. However, the men abducted the woman and her child. The two helpless victims were gang-raped for weeks by at least three men. The men kept the woman’s daughter and told her to bring the woman who was with her at the hospital.But the woman informed the police. The child was taken to a hospital in Larkana and is in critical condition. Pakistan has been witnessing such heinous crimes for quite some time now. The government has to take action against criminals. It has to take some actions to ensure that such crimes are not repeated in the future. This causes trauma in the minds of people and society. We being a Muslim have no morality, ethics, and humanity. Every day we witness the gang rapes of underage girls and the little children who are angels. It is sheepish action by the perpetrators who never realize the consequences. The recent incident of gang rape with Alisha and her mother living in Kashmore speaks volumes of helplessness and inhumanity. The gang-rape perpetrator along with his friend has kept this innocent mother and daughter for three days. He has got no fear of being exposed and taken by police for vindication. It is a blot on society that there is an incremental rise in cases even though we have condemned and have drafted a legal punishment for the rapist. Here are some points that I want to ponder that what ills we have that are the reasons for a drastic increase in the cases of rape. I. Our judicial procedure is very slow in punishing the heinous criminals 2. The media has played a role to show the grandeur and free culture 3. The children underage have no education about body protection 4. Our government response to catch these culprits is very sluggish 5. The law-abiding forces fail to ensure security. These above-mentioned factors failure is the reasons that we are victimized and the culprits are at freehand. The government have to ensure the security and abide by the law enforcers to bring the deviant persons and let them have the severe punishment for the wrongdoers who fearlessly do with the innocent children and the girls. These pedophile natured criminals have no religion and family of their own because they have no mercy for children and helpless women. It is desirable if the punishment of castrating and life imprisonment must be given to them so that they live permanently with shame that their action was inhuman and a blot on the society where they are to live. We being a Muslim country must enforce a strict punishment for the evil practice and ill-mannered. It is filling a psychological problem with people because rape with underaged and the little children conveys the beast natured human in the shape of a man. If there is a delay in justice in such heinous cases then we will await more cases of the same nature. The pendency in the cases reap the frustration and the culprit takes the chance to go for another crime. This procrastination is not favored in the real justice system. As we know about Islam justice system is flawless and speedy in the dispensation of justice to the right and against the foul. The dream of a real justice system is the redress of all the crimes and resistance to heinous acts where the culprits will be put into the gallows and the innocent victims will be compensated. May God guide us to the right path.

(-,The writer is a columnist and social activist, based in Larkana.)


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