Ghotki: A Deprived District


Zahoor Ali Boohar.
Ghotki is a district of 1,647, 239 ‘underprivileged’ people according to Census 2017. It covers an area of 6506 square kilometres. It borders with Rahim Yar Khan, district of Punjab. Despite being the second highest tax-paying district of the province Sindh, it remains laggard till today. Ghotki is rich in terms of minerals, industries, agriculture, etc. There are many national and multi-national companies working in the district including Engro Fertilizers Company Daharki, Foji Fertilizers Company(FFC) Mirpur Mathelo, Mari Petroleum Company, Alliance Sugar Mill Ubauro, Daharki Sugar Mill Kamu Shaheed, etc. Unfortunately, they only bring about pollution in the district. People are being infected by various disease due to the pollution. This fertile district is highly lacking in the sectors of education, health, electricity, gas, drainage, transportation, water, and roads. There is no any public university in the populous district. Students have to commute to far away, big cities like Hyderabad, Karachi, Islamabad or Lahore to acquire higher education. Many indigent ones quit their education because they cannot afford exorbitant expenditures of accommodation in these big cities. Moreover, Ghotki has not an state-of-the-art library where students can study and prepare for competitive examinations. Like education sector, health sector also remains ineffective. People have to travel to Sukkur, Rahim Yar Khan or Karachi in case of emergency. Most of the patients succu and disease before reaching the hospital. Many ovens yet have not yet received gas.It is a crying shame that even those areas do not avail gas facility, where it is produced! As mentioned earlier, district Ghotki is an industrial hub. Breeching the local and international laws, those industries do not offer jobs to local people. Neither they give any facility to the folks. Dozen of buses come from the districts of Punjab carrying workers, engineers, clerks and administration officers, etc. The industries do so in the name of incompetence. On the other hand, the tragedy is that they even higher Masjid Imaam from other provinces mainly Punjab. Hundreds of the well-qualified youth have come on roads to demand their constitutional rights, but they are suppressed and tortured by industrial mafias. This affluent district must be given head by the federal and provincial governments. People must be given basic amenities. Especially Education and Health sectors must be developed. Universities and libraries should be formed, so the talent should not get spoiled. Jobs in local industries should be offered to the people of Ghotki as it is their fundamental and constitutional right.

(-The writer is a Student of Shariah & Law at IIUI. Ghotki, Sindh.)



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