GB-Elections: Unofficial Victory Of PTI?


Gilgit-Baltistan; reconginized as federal admisitrative northern area (FANA) till 2009 is an autonomous region of northern Pakistan, having all-in-all electoral mechanism with financial and administrative infrastructure. Since the past two months, with the announcement of elections in the region by the Gilgit-Baltistan Chief Election Commissioner Mr. Abid Raza, all the contestants ready for their ‘victory or defeat’ campaigns seem to be very busy on media channels here and there taunting and accusing each other amid the general elections started on Sunday 15 November at 8.AM till 5.PM, sharp. The Gilgit-Baltistan legislative Assembly Elections 2020 are under construction yet and the two strange things happened during the elections: A 90-year old man casted voted for the favorites party and GBLA-3 contestant Aftab Haider of PPP, lodged a complaint against PTI with GB Chief Election Commission for distributing flour bags among voters to rig the polls. These are the general things happening in Pakistan more likely amid the elections in any province. The latest results of the polls indicate that the real contest is between PTI and Independent candidates. The Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf is on the driving seat; unofficial results show that the party has won in 8 constituencies from 23. The Independent candidates are enjoying some good number of votes; have won 7 from 23 constituencies, respectively. The Gallup survey recently showed the comments of GB people that they are willing to vote for PTI (41% people) and for Bilawal (17% people). Besides all, the real question is else; Is Gilgit-Baltistan the autonomous provincial state of Pakistan likewise other 4 provinces in the constitution? If not, will PTI grant GB a speedy provincial state in accordance with the constitution of Pakistan? Keeping in view the GB residents, there are approximately 700,000 total registered voters in the constituencies who are ready to join the province under the sovereignty of Pakistan. The governments come and go, but the status of GB as a “Questionable” remains the same.


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