A model Village


Imtiaz Essa Halepoto
Tando Soomro, a model village in District Tando Allahyar, located at 70km in east from the city Hyderabad. Where villagers join the hands together by electing leaders among themselves to carry out initiatives on education, health, trainage, security, hygiene and clean water. In Tando Soomro, one would see broader streets, a systematic drainage and a proper waste management system deployed by the villagers’ committee. Wooden panels are placed on each electricity pole to prevent electric current. The village is fully facilitated by all whatever is needed. In the village, there locates a vast playground for football and cricket matches, a computer lab with latest computers, four schools for primary and higher studies, a water filter plant, five masjids, a hospital and each mobile network with fast-running. Each house is provided a dustbin so that no one can throw the wastage in street. To protect people from malaria, dengue, and polio, villagers carry out preventative spray and polio vaccination throughout the year. The people of village ensure their children`s 100% attendance in school for brighter future for generations to come. To prevent threat of crime, villagers have built boundary wall with the entry and exit points. Fortunately, not a single case of theft or murder has been reported in the last five years in Tando Soomro. Villagers collect donation from each home, it reaches 10 to 15 millions. The amount is utalized over health, education and security of the village. Government of Pakistan should build the sense of advanced-villages like Tando Soomro. So that threat of urban human migration, illiteracy and insecurity can be prevented.

(-The writer is a freelance columnist, based in Jamshoro. )


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