End of Islamophobia and fasicism in US


As election results started coming in on Nov. 3rd, I felt some grief as how could so many people vote for Donald Trump. But by Friday the tear of joy spilling on my cheeks knowing it is the end of Donald Trump’s presidency. This was a great gift on our holiest day Friday and the week of celebration of the birth anniversary of our noble prophet Muhammad (pbh). The American Muslim have survived four years of Islamophobia, fascism, racism and authoritarianism of Donald Trump’s presidency. Did the AIPAC and Zionist lobby took advantage of mentally disturbed psychopath Donald? YES

Four years of damage done on the behalf of Zionist will not be repaired by Biden and it will take many presidents to fix it. Providing 5 billion dollars of tax payers money to Israel, moving of the Embassy, 60 years of Palestinian land theft, Arab regime signing trade agreements with Zionist Israel, and “Deal of Century” are event no US president could achieve. All those Arab monarchies who have signed the agreement and took the Zionist bait have entered into dangerous quicksand where their days are numbered specially of Mohammed Bin Salman. US is not going to fire a single bullet to save MBS’s regime, if they could not even fire a single bullet from the missile attack by Al Quds force of Islamic Republic. US is not going to save the fall of House of Saud and other monarchies in Middle East.It is a great gift to see a new future under Biden-Harris team. Joe Biden’s victory speech had a theme to heal political hostilities. He eloquently said: “we have to stop treating our opponents as enemies. They are not our enemies. They’re Americans,” and Let’s give each other a chance.” I have heard that President Elect Biden will do many things on the first day or in one hundred days in the office. We will have to wait to see if he is committed to what he has said during his campaign.However, the fact is that 71 million people voted for Donald Trump should be the cause for profound grief for all American. I don’t know if this country can ever be healed and be united. During the election I had yard signs of Biden-Harris and Susan Wild displayed in my front yard, but I had one sign which read “hate has no home here”. This is one of the principles of Islam that before you consider someone your foe give him seventy benefits of doubts and pray for his well-being and may lord give him the wisdom.We will be discussing and dissecting the 2020 elections for years to come, but there is lesson to learn from this election. Americans have had four years to find out how transparently racist, divisive, chronic liar, incompetent, bullying, cheating, tax evasion, nepotism, and letting 237,000 American live lost on his watch, but still 71 million people voted for him, eight million more than in 2016.

What does it say?

Hasshan Batts, the director of the Promise neighborhood said. “Every vote for Trump is a vote for white supremacy. Whether it is cast by a white person or not. Voting for him is voting for the ideals of the past, a time when women and Black people had no rights or protections.” It is very hard for me to believe the country which I immigrated in 1980 which made me immigrate on the principle of liberty and justice for all is now a Divide State of America rather than the United State of America. It is sad that the country after 9/11 was so united and supported Muslim communities during those turbulent times is so divide on racial lines.  The claims of diversity, democracy, liberty, justice, human rights and civil rights are all hollow and feel good words for me today.



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