Prominent Educationist of Sindh Dr Abdul Salam Khowaja Passes Away


Kamran Khamiso Khowaja
Prominent Educationist, an Intellectual, and a literary figure of Sindh Dr. Abdul Salam Alidino Khowaja Passed away yesterday following a cardiac arrest at his residence in Hyderabad Dr. Salam was considered a reformist who made efforts for bringing educational reforms in Sindh. He started his career as a professor in Hyderabad, after gracing countless students with the jewel of knowledge he was promoted as the principal of Government College Kar Mori Hyderabad. During his tenure Government College Kari mori emerged as one of the significant educational institutes of Sindh. Because of his vision for education, he was appointed as Regional Director for Collages of Sindh. As a regional director, he proposed different ideas for improving the standard of colleges in Sindh and the quality of education being imparted there. Later he was appointed as the Chairman of Sindh TextBook board Jamashoro, where he contributed to bringing reforms in the curriculum being taught in schools and colleges of Sindh. Many educational conferences were held under his belt to promote the importance of Education In Sindh. He was also an exponent of girls’ education and he endeavored hard so that the process of education could be made easy for girls. Dr. G.A Allana Former Vice-Chancellor of Sindh University Said That Dr. Salam,s contribution to promoting education and especially female education were exemplary, he will always be remembered for his remarkable services. -The writer is a freelance columnist, based in Sajwal.


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