Mahnoor Shahdad
Depression is a common and serious medical illness which affects negatively how people feel. How people act and think think. No one knows how does it affect but there are different kinds of reasons . Some people experience depression during a serious medical illness. Some people have depression with life changes such as the death of a beloved one. Some have depression due to their family history in which something horror happened . However, sadness of the death of beloved may increase the risk of depression and also family history of depression increase the risk. Starting a new job, graduating or getting married can lead depression and also losing a job or income and getting divorce from beloved wife can drag us in depression. Personal problem such as fear or others and due to other mental illness and social group can contribute to the risk of developing clinical depression. Clinical depression is the most serious form of depression and also known as major depression. Now a days overthinking is turning to be the most common issue among teenagers. Report says 1 out of every 3 is facing problems, which they say is uncontrollable. This result in continue mood swing & depression and many teens commit suicide just because of this. Depression causes feeling of sadness and getting interest in activities once we have enjoyed. Depression has many kinds of emotional and physical problems. 30% per cent of people with substance abuse problems also have major depression. If people take more drugs or alcohol to feel happy but it will increase the depression. Depression is an extreme complex disease which can be treatable. Depression is among the most treatable mental illness. Between 80% and 90% per cent of people with depression respond well to treatment.

(-The writer is freelance columist based in, Turbat.)


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