Letter to the Editor



Kabul university attack
On 2 November 2020 three gunmen enter the Kabul university, which is the largest institution of higher education with more than 22000 students, in Kabul Afghanistan faired rapidly ,killed 32 people whereas more than 50 injured left Afghani in sorrow. The university previously had been attacked at 2019 by a bomb killed nine people. This attack occurred when government officials were expected to arrive for opening of an Iranian book fair in campus. The attackers were killed by forces during attack. The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) claimed responsibility for the attack. This is the second time that academic institutions are being targeted within 10 days. Just over a week before November another university in Kabul had been targeted by suicide bomber killed 30 , freak the students out when they go for reading and are mentally disturbed. -Khansa Badal Turbat, Kech

Threatening face of Covid-19

The second wave of Covid-19 have jolted the complete state in the shape of numerous new cases which have been registered from various parts of the country and it brought people under the cloud.It is a great threat to our country as well The Prime Minister already announced that Pakistan, whose citizents are facing the issues of inflation,poverty and unemployment,can’t afford further lockdown. Approximately,in a day 300 cases have been reported. Actually, we have to take the responsibility not government as no one is looked caring for oneself and wearing mask. In this winter there is possibility that country will face a strong challenge due to Coronavirus . I appeal to the authorities to have a look into this matter and tackle it. -Nimra Rahees Turbat Kech

Intensified Gold Price
Gold is consider to be the precious mineral which play sparking role for a country.Saturday 9-11-2020 gold rate in Pakistan was ninty-nine thousand and nine hundred rupees per grams and one lakh sixteen thousand and five hundred rupees per tola.The rates are normally same all over in Pakistan.The gold price of Pakistan never fixed.Where US dollar increase than gold price increases.Discussion of wedding can’t be ignore by the topic of gold.In Pakistan the gold rate is the biggest issue for poor.However,day by day the good rate is increasing not decreasing.So,that’s why poor people are facing many problem just because of gold rate. -Fareen khalid Umrani SHAL Academy


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