Depression is not a joke

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Muzaffar Khoso,
Mental health matters as much as physical health. Without proper mental health, one cannot do anything satisfactorily. We are living in an age of anxiety and uneasiness where everyone is lost in his/her own world full of complications and obstacles. But in our society it is thought that there is no existence of depression. They poke at the peoples who say they are worried or depressed. Peoples provoking and misdemeanour call an increament in the worries of depressed souls. They don’t need your barbarous words and long lectures but your support and love to be normal again. There is no cure for depression except love. It costs nothing for you to behave kindly and lovingly with worried and anxious peoples but it means alot to them. They feel motivated and happy while talking to you. You became an angel in human form for them. Therefore be kind to everyone you don’t know what they are going through in their lives. There is a difference between feeling down and depression. Feeling down is a part of life. Sad and upsetting events happen to everyone. But if you are feeling down and hopeless customary, you might be dealing with depression.The word ‘thought’ means depression. Whenever you start thinking about something over and again then you get depressed and anxious. All you need to know is that “Nothing is permanent not even your sorrows and woes” then why are you being depressed? Shut off the past! Let the dead past burry itself, think about your today. Enjoy life! Keep yourself busy, don’t let your mind figure intensively about any of your trouble or issue. If you really want to find happiness then stop thinking about the things which make you feel low, give your inner self a reason of joy. Be optimist don’t be pessimist, count the blessings you got not troubles. One day you will be the happiest you. You will be succeed. May be not today but tomorrow, it is certain you would be triumphed.

(-The writer is a freelance columnist, based in Sukkur)

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