White Supremacy win and President Elect Biden will govern in Trump Land of White Supremacy!


Mohammed khaku
White Supremacy wins and President Elect Biden will govern in Trump land of White Supremacy! United State the nation of elite democracy is divide and in turmoil with Donald Trump not accepting defeat. Americans now face an unprecedented political showdown if Trump refuses to vacate the White House. The close proximity of election results shows us that despite four years of Trump to “Make America Great” there is polarization now more than ever in American politics. Polls after polls suggested that Biden will win comfortable as Trump had lost his base, and Christian Evangelical due to mishandling pandemic, racism and political division. However, Trump got over seventy million votes more than he received in 2016 election. And with congress divided, Biden will be governing in Trump land of White Supremacy. Hasshan Batts the directory of Promise neighborhood said. “Every vote for Trump is a vote for white supremacy. Whether it is cast by a white person or not. Voting for him is voting for the ideals of the past, a time when women and Black people had no rights or protections.” Since 2001, and during Trump’s presidency White supremacy and racism is on rise in America. President Trump refused to condemn white supremacists and armed militia – Proud Boys during the debate. White supremacy has existed in the United States since the slave trade. The ideology of “White Supremacy” is gaining popularity and leading many of our youth to radicalization. This ideology won him the presidency and has sustained him in office in spite of the thousands of lies, impeachment, and scandals. His republican enablers and followers believe that he, and he alone, could Make America White Again. The United States is living through an era of Jim Crow and White Supremacy due to deeply embedded historical legacy of racist structures. White nationalist groups have infiltrated the White House (Stephen Miller), Congress and many State institutions no wonder it is difficult to pass any criminal justice reforms or any gun laws. Trumps support and popularity remains high, despite vilifying immigrants, Muslim ban, pulling out of Paris and Iran nuclear agreement, and incompetent to control Covid-19 pandemic that has killed 238,000 Americans. America is in crisis and engrossed with addiction of Racism and White Supremacy. Carol Anderson, Professor of African-American studies at Emory University and the author of White Rage: The Unspoken Truth of Our Racial Divide, captured this beautifully when she said: “Like all forms of substance abuse, it has destroyed families and communities and put enormous stress on government institution.” The professor further says, “This addiction of racism in the Republican Party might not be that explicit, but it all started with Donald Trump’s birther movement and Republican Party’s support of white supremacy for decades and now it is the Republican Party’s drug of choice.” This addiction of white supremacy and protecting Donald Trump has denigrated many government institution such as Congress, justice department, and FBI. One wonders what type of opium the Republicans are addicted too. The White Supremacy is a civilian armed militias who move around the country openly displaying their weapons. They are seen as “defending” constitution, borders, Federal lands, and Federal legislative buildings. More recently they even tried to run a Biden campaign bus off the road. Now, if these were Muslim militias it would be frontline news that Muslims are imposing “Shariah” laws and destroying our democracy. This is exactly what the White Supremacy are doing. The fight against white nationalism should unite all American to work together against a common enemy that threatens the United States democratic foundation. The challenge for President elect Biden is to expose white nationalist ideologues—and the opportunistic politicians who are looking into their own interest of 2024 elections. For me and my family this year’s presidential election has been characterized by fear and anxiety due to the incident my wife had to endure during 9/11 and 2016 incident my daughters and wife to experience. During the tumultuous days after Sept 11, 2001, American Muslims, including myself, not only were mourning this tragic event but had to deal with a backlash of anti-Muslim sentiments and hate crimes that continue today. There were four days of painful experiences my wife had to go through in Halifax, Nova Scotia being the sole American Muslim wearing the veil (hijab) in the crowd of thousands at a convention center. Thank God she was provide some security and many American came to her aid when the French started to attack her verbally with profound language.The second incident was in September 2016, just before the elections, when my wife and two daughter wearing veil (Hijab) experience a youth banging their car window in front of Dunkin Donut on Tilghman Street using obscene language. This incident was monitored by the customer at Dunkin who called the police. The youth was arrested on route 78. The FBI report states that since 2016 election there has been increase in hate crimes due to anti-Semitic, Islamophobia and racial bias. It is sad that there is no statute outlawing material support to violent white supremacists, however there are numerous statues regarding providing material support to Al Qaeda, Hizballah, Hamas and other freedom fighting organizations. Providing a gift for Ramadan to a child in Gaza could put you in jail for 10 years. But In Kenosha, young white supremacists killing two people from Black Lives Matter due to easy access to military-style weapons to inflict death and terror in communities of color can be free on the grounds of self-defense. The government response – Patriot Act and the FBI response to the white supremacist threat has not come close to the level of resources and effort devoted to keeping the country safe from Jihadi terrorism in the years after 9/11. FBI has failed to put more resources toward domestic terrorism, specially towards radicalization and recruitment by groups such QAnon and other White Supremacist groups because they are the voting block for the republicans. (-The writer is a freelance columnist based, in Allentown, PA, USA.)


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