Poor PM among 12 billionaires in Pakistan


Election Commission Of Pakistan (ECP) on Tuesday released a shocking statement with regards to Assets held by MNAs for 2019. The statement maintains that top politicians belonging to well known parties in Pakistan own billions of assets not only in Pakistan but outside the country. It is not unknown to any people how genetically prepared politicians like Pakistan Peoples Party Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, one of the 12 billionaires in Pakistan, is the owner of largest assets in the United Arab Emirates, 1.24 billions wealth given to four companies, making total 1.58 billion of his assets generated and inherited from his mother and grandfather. Former President Asif Ali Zardari owns a total worth of his assets of 676.87 million plus 316.70 million in hand. The total wealth of Opposition Leader Shahbaz Sharif is 247.49 million including liabilities worth 146.67 million. Lawmaker of PTI Mr. Najib Haroon owns worth 1.54 billion total of the assets. PML-Q member Chaudhry Salik Hussain owns worth 1.60 billion. PML-N member Ihsan Bajwa owns 4 billion excluding liabilities in the United Arab Emirates. PML-Q member Moonis Elahi, PTI Lawmakers Omar Ayub, Muhammad Yaqoob Sheikh, and few others have been declared as Top 12 Billioners in Pakistan according to ECP statement. Surprisingly, The Prime Minister Imran Khan is shown as poor in Pakistan compared to other billionaires having four goats of 200,000 rupees, 77.53 million in hand, has given 11.97 million in advance for a flat in Grand Hyatt Complex, €518 in a foreign currency account and $331,230 in foreign accounts. Furthermore, he has no vehicle as per the statement of ECP. These billionaire politicians own billions of the rupees and dollars in the form of agricultural lands, properties, vehicles, flats, shares in companies, cash in hands, savings in foreign countries as well as loans given to the different companies. Such reports are seriously heart-aching as
currently the People of Pakistan are facing severe unavailability of jobs, need-based eatables on affordable price, shortage of medicines as well as financial support from governments. The question arises here, can't they (billionaires) help the country in deriving its downtrodden economic status out of crisis in collaboration with each other? Of course, they can. But, it usually requires willingness if the resources are available.


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