The defeat of Trump is the victory of equity


Is it the personal defeat of Donald Trump for not winning the elections again? No. It is the defeat of racism, resentment, oppression, ego, linguistics, and hostility towards multi-ethnic societies. From the time of assuming charge as a president of the United States, Mr. Trump left no stone unturned in order to prove his cheap fame through displaying his outlook as a staunch entrepreneur and hostile to democracy and pluralism. The victory of Black South Asian descent Kamala Harris as a vice president of America shows that the time is over now when racism on color was on the peak not only in the US alone, but everywhere in the world. The defeat of Mr. Trump and the victory of Joe Biden by securing 52% electoral votes demonstrates that the people of the US demand “Changes”. Changes in the hatred politics in the region built up by the loser Mr. Trump, who poured poisons of hatred feelings between white racists and black racists in his own country, who spread Islamophobia across the world, who incited the negative message of racism in the world, who supported Israel in occupying the territory of Jureasulem, who established dominance of communism against humanity, who withdrawn from the Iran-Nuclear deal in his hatred feelings towards Iranians, who imposed sanctions on 8 crore people of Iran and let them throw in the bottom line of poverty and hunger, who supported India in narrowing their lands for Muslims and other minorities, who misused his political achievement by defaming media, calling Muslim women members of the US house of representatives and senate ridiculously, who made lives of intellectuals and professionals miserable in his own state, who promoted nasty words against kind words in front of public, who set an example of how to be ‘Monster’ instead ‘Politician’ in the region. Mr. Trump’s policies towards Kashmir, Iran, and Afghanistan were not recognised as a cool breeze. Today, Joe Biden has been successfully rewarded with the presidential position in the US by the majority of people who voted in his right against Trump. Are expectations prevailing in the hearts of oppressed countries with the victory of Joe Biden? It is unknown to all. But, the victory of Democratic Party has awakened the hopes and dreams of Iran that the US shall now decrease some economic sanctions. The Kashmir issue can be resolved with the cooperation of new president because of his several positive words for Islam, Prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him, and the Muslims around the world. Raging for the decades, increased tensions between the US and few regional countries which were emboldened by the defeated Trump, can be declined to the relief. All remain hopes in Joe Biden that how his presidency shall lead to drive out the bubbles of hate from the region and the world.


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