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Increasing in medicine prices

Over the years, Pakistan has become one of the food excesses country in the world which is a major producer of wheat that it distributes to the needy popullation through various mechanisms including the World Food Programme (WFP). However, according to the National Nutrition Survey(NNS) 2018 that 36.9 percent of the popullation faces food insecurty in the country. The survey showed that the second highest rate of malnutrition in the region with 18 percent of children under the age of five who face food insecurity at every corner of the country and 40 percent of the children in the same age group are amazed and 29 percent are underweight. It is estimated that around 82 percent children are deprived or face food insecurity in the country and Pakistani households spend 50.8 percent income on food monthly which makes them in miserable conditions due to high prices of foods in the country. It is my acceptable suggestion the government should take a serious action on the issue and solve it as soon as possible which harms the popullation harmfully in the country. -Younus Fazal


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