Bosom cancer in Pakistan


Abdul Salam
Bosom cancer has become the affected disease in Pakistan which affects the women severally. Pakistan is very much weak to deal such kind of disease which is unbearable in the women’s lives since Pakistan did not build a big hospital for the cancer patients. Likewise, In Pakistan uncountable bosom cancer patients have died and a lot of patients are suffering from the same disease but still Pakistan is out of the attention about the dangerous disease which decreases the development of the country. Painfully, the women are being backwareded in Pakistan since they are not comfortable in their lives because of such kind of destructive diseases which makes them to die. Mostly, Pakistan alone the highest rate of Breast cancer than any other Asian country as approximately 90000 new cases are diagnosed every year out of which 40000 die. A report said that “risk factors of Breast cancer include women over the age of 40 years


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