Corona virus returns


Sawera Shaik
The clouds of threats caused by an incorrigible pandemic corona have not gone for off as yet . By bringing ease in lockdown , the common people misconstrued it as if it has vanished . Who knew that it may come so hard and stronger than before? The situation seems vulnerable than before. Irony is this that people took all kind of precautions in start but at presnt, they have no fear of second wave which is said to be more deadly. Corona virus disease is an infectious disease caused by severe acute respiratory syndromes . The invisible enemy has played havoc with entire world as 33.3 million cases have been repoted across 188 countries and territories with more than 1 million people have recoverd. There are some certain common symptoms which include fever , cough , fatigue shortness of breath , breathing difficulties , loss of smell and taste . while most people have mild symptoms.some people develop acute respiratory distress syndromes {ARDS} posibly precipitated by cytokine strom. The multi organ failure septic shook and blood clots, the incubation period may range from one to forteen days (12) the air primarily via small droplets or particles such as aerosols produced offer an infected persons breathes cough sneeze talk signs. People remain infectious for 7 12 days in moderate cases and up to two weeks severe cases. The standard method of dignosis is by real time reserves from cription polymercise china reaction covering cough along with sneezes and keeping un washed hands away from the faces. The use of cloths face covering such as a scraf or a bondona has been recommend by health officals in public setting minimies the risk of transmission. But all in vain since uneducated and some ill educated people have been successful in their plan of spreading the concept of disease as falsity and delusion calling the pandemic a myth of fools. They are of the opinion that the disease never existed. Its just a way of making money and foreign funding. The people having such mind set have defaced the programe of awareness among the masses. All the satkeholders , NGOs are demurely requested to educate the masses about the grave and pensive disease like corona . It ought not to be taken litghtly.

(-The writer is a freelance columnist, based in Karachi.)


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