Child Labour in Balochistan Is More Threatening Than Corona Virus, Isn’t It?


Kashif Sagheer
Child labour, which has been ubiquitous since many decades in Balochistan, it is also in existence in other provinces but unfortunately it is substantially in appearance in Balochistan, people are far away from living peaceful and prosperous lives due to several lingering crises, among which poverty is the main cause and there are many subcauses of poverty those are unemployment , lack of technical education, illiteracy rate, inflation, violation of human rights, indirect taxes, lack of human capital, deprivation of educational facilities and lack of investment. Furthermore, unemployment and educational crises are the leading subcauses of poverty which are dragging the children to work. And the educational dearths, which propel them to become child labours, for instance innumerable number of governmental schools in the countryside are in the dearths of teachers, chairs, boundary walls, windows, doors, water coolers and many an elementary facilities , if a school lacks the fundamental needs then desire of libraries and laborataries in the school sole remain a mirage, schools look haunted owing to not getting renovated ever after construction. Additionally, the students don’t find a worth point to waste their precious time in appalling and vaccant schools for not notching up a boon by utilizing their prestigious time which consents them it is beneficial to be a part of increasing their families’ daily income, some end up their education with becoming flock grazers, some labours, and a tremendous number of innocent people work in stores for a living. Moreover, the governmental schools teachers do not have firm trusth on themselves as a reson their own kids are admitted in private schools, doesn’t it sound strange? A new trend is in its peak every governmental school is always in its pursuit, when a Minister or the cheif Minister of Balochistan will be about to inspect in governmental schools all the teachers commence preparing the students for acting and on that day the schools don’t look less than acting schools. This is the real inspid and acerbic truth of the majority of governmental schools in Balochistan. Secondly, child Labour is gaining a drastic pace is due to pressed laws, in accordance with the acticle no 11 of Pakistan’s constitution the employment of children below 14 years of age is strickly prohibited, but children of 5 are employed. Constitutions and legislations are always regarded as a piece of paper untill they are implemented. The children who tend to be a child labour they leave their dreams unmet, and behind their fake exultant faces thousands of dreams, goals and destinations had been buried which they may not yank again. Child labour has become a social and national violence and critical issue but remains unsolved yet. To sum up, I plea to the government to abate unemployment and as well as educational unavailabilities because these two factors are inversely proportional to child labour.

(-The writer is freelance columnist, based in Turbat. )


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