Social Media pros and cons

Engr Waqar Badar Kandhro
In this busy world, where everyone has some future goals, aims to achieve by making better utilization of their time. In this regard, the communication gap has been reduced to save more time, first through telephones then mobiles, and now smartphones named “Androids.” Leaving telephonic communication behind, Social Media seems to be so much ramped up in diminishing communication gaps and also useful for other purposes. Amid as every coin has two sides, Social media has also pros and cons. In my opinion, I would always be in favor of social media. Social media is a source of awareness of daily life issues and effective solutions. Social media has left behind mainstream media, if any news circulates on a social media platform like Facebook, it becomes more viral in minutes than on mainstream owing to smartphones. Everyone has smartphones of pocket-size portable than televisions. Social media is also helpful for mainstream media for receiving every news from any corner of the world. Facebook has a live streaming option which is quite helpful for highlighting any issue or incident within minutes. News is being aired through live streaming from news channels national and international like Samaa, Ary, CNN, and also many more. Social media also helps in sponsoring, and very much useful in online business, the people also earn too much money from Facebook through freelancing. People have enhanced their lifestyle by comparing themselves with the thoughts of other great peoples( having vast knowledge) in a positive way. It is also a platform for getting an education, knowledge. The people have been learning much from this social media. Looking at negative aspects of social media, it depends upon the nature of the user that how he or she makes most of that. The data, information is not safe and sane. Online harassment of girls and women has been admitted. Most people waste their time by scrolling through the newsfeed. The circulation of fake news has also been witnessed. Online frauds like data collection and then blackmailing and fraud in online shopping have also been there. More time on Social media results in health and cognitive issues amid lack of sleep at the proper time. Summing up whole, I would be in favor of social media because of more weight of pros than cons. It merely depends upon the nature and mind of the user. To decrease only frauding and blackmailing, Cybercrime direly needs to take effective measures by solving matters above mentioned, which could result in the betterment of people and as well as for the proper use of social media.

(-The writer is freelance columnist, based in Larkana.)

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