My spouse tells me the best way to resolve the problems whatever crop up in the government: Imran Khan


ISLAMABAD:   Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan has said his spouse is his friend and had she not been here he could not have been saved.

“ My spouse is my friend. Had she not been with him he could not have been saved. Only a stupid does not talk to his wife on every matter. I discuss with my wife on whatever difficulties crop up in the government. She tells the best way to resolve these problems”, he said this duding his interview with foreign media.

He underlined that Pakistan expects an even-handed treatment with respect to India, especially on the Kashmir dispute. Because Kashmir is key issue in the region. It can flare up at any time.
He reiterated India is a fascist state and it has threat for Pakistan and its neighbouring countries China, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. Indian government is the most extremist government in the region.

About Afghanistan he said Gulbadin Hikmat Yar accepted Afghan constitution and participated in the polls. Talks were held also with Abdullah Abdullah, chairman Afghan Reconciliation Council about Afghan peace process. We want that the next Afghan government should not allow India to use its soil against Pakistan.
He observed that US notion that it can stop China is a flawed notion.

Over one half population of Pakistan works on daily wages, he said adding smart lock down in connection with corona was clamped taking into view the economic miseries of poor people. We imposed lock down on most affected areas.

“ We did not close agriculture sector during corona virus epidemic. We opened construction sector soon. About 200000 corona tests are conducted during a week in the country. We hope we will emerge successfully out of second wave of corona”, he remarked.

Regarding US presidential elections he said Joe Biden features atop in US polls but Trump too is an extra ordinary politician.

Citing to 9/11 he said we should not have plunged our army in the war after 9/11. US mounted pressure on Pakistan after 9/11 and Pervez Musharraf could not bear it. I opposed from the very first day participation in the war of others.


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