Happiness is best medicine


Noor Mustafa
When you are happy in your life you always decide best decision in your life and we are always reluctant when in panic situation . We brutally fail to take sane decision during depression. But being happy , calm and coll will never harm anyone.Our prophet s.a.w once said that being angry and short tempered is haram in Islam. So, keep patience and believe in Allah. Here we all know that when our exams take place, we are stuck in anxiety, tension and pressure. Resultantly, we fail to perform at our best.Happiness will always bring good in your lap . Happiness is best therapy and best medicine which cures millions of disease. People who remain happy have more life expectancy. Happy people are liked, loved and welcomed every where.you are suggested to be hsppy. Keep your family , friends and near ones happy. Teach everybody to be contented. Pains and problems are part of life. They will come to an end with demise . Problems are proof of life so, enjoy every moment and blessings that life offers.


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