Child Labour in Pakistan

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Engr Waqar Badar Kandhro
Child Labour is the employment of children working in different platforms like in factories, tyre shops, garages, and at public places by selling daily life commodities. More than 13 million children are employed in labouring according to Labour Force Survey 2014-15. The age of these children mostly ranges from 10 to 14 years. Almost 61 percent are boys and 88 percent of them came from rural Areas according to the March 2017 report. The main cause of child Labour is inflation as they have no elder in families like a father or elder brother to earn. The little children in my eyes are the superstars because they own responsibility to earn bread for their families. The other cause of child labour is no proper education, which is the basic right of every human being. How could they focus on studies? Amid there are a lot of responsibilities on their shoulders. In my opinion, the lack of proper education is the mere cause of child Labour.

(-The writer is freelance columnist based in Larkana.)

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