Suicide is opposite to nature

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Ayesha Jamari
Suicide is a common trend nowadays in 21st Century where life is even more precious because of the global pandemic due to SARS, MARS and Covid-19 etc. People are still fond to suicide which means they end their lives by their own which is opposite to nature indeed. Ending life to hide from overloaded pains, problems or different sufferings is merely a matter of becoming fatigued in life. There are various types of suicide. According to Emile Durkhim; there different types of suicide, these terms are applied to all cases which results someone’s death. Egoistic Suicide means when a man becomes isolated and feels no social care or feels that he has no any place in the society so he kills himself. Altruistic is a type of suicide when a person kills himself to benefit others, society, dears, nears and groups. Altruistic means to do good for the happiness of others while as Anomic suicide comes from sudden and unexpected changes in situation. Example, when someone suffers extreme financial crises, breakups, disappointments and stress that individual faces that may drive them towards community suicide.  Suicidal death is observed because of some causes like poor socio-economic conditions, marital relations imbalance or family issues etc. Suicides are most prominent in Asia and Europe. Generally it is one of the leading causes of death in young people who are more emotional. Women more often have suicidal thoughts but, the men commit suicide frequently. Its thought that major depression occurs in roughly half of people who commit suicide both female and male, depression, stress and anxiety are the common reasons of suicide too. Words can’t take the pain away, but they may allow someone the chance to shift their perspective just enough to give them a little bit of hope. Everybody goes through difficult times, but it is those who push through those difficult times who will eventually become successful in life. Therefore, we must not give up because the time shall pass in any condition naturally and everyone has to taste the death so wait for the right time which is as per natural rule. Therefore, stay alive for yourself because you can save many lives but if you commit suicide, no one can save you!

(-The writer is a banker entrepreneur based in Thatta Sindh.)

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