KC-EU Webinar seek urgent international humanitarian access to IoK


Brussels: Speakers of a webinar organized by Kashmir Council Europe (KC-EU) based Brussels, the European headquarters called for access of international human rights organizations to the Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK).

A number of experts, intellectuals and political figures participated in the online seminar moderated by human right activitist and co-founder of Canada based Organization “SILK-Student International League of Kashmir,” Khaula Siddiqui.

Seminar was held on occasion of black day of 27 October, the day of the occupation of larger part Jammu and Kashmir by the Indian forces.

Speaking at the seminar Chairman Kashmir Council Europe (KC-EU) said, international human rights organization including amnesty international are not allowed to operate in Indian occupied Kashmir. Even Amnesty International is banned by the Modi government in India and forced to close its humanitarian operations in the that country.

About situation in Kashmir, he said, Kashmir was already witness of military lock down since 5th August 2019 and situation became further worse this year due to COVID-19.

He urged, international community including European Union (EU) should pressurize India to stop human rights violations in Indian occupied Kashmir.

Ali Raza Syed said, Kashmiris who are basic party of Kashmir issue, should be consulted the context of any resolution of the issue in the future. International community should help Kashmiris, Pakistan and India in order to peacefully resolve the Kashmir dispute.

Mirza Sa’aib Beig, the lawyer from Occupied Kashmir, who is currently a scholar of Oxford University, UK said, there is not civilian government setup in the occupied Kashmir since 5th August 2019 and people of Jammu and Kashmir are suffering more than any other community in the world because they were already disproved of basic human rights.

He added, we are the people who need just more than the word of sympathy, we need sustain commitment from international community. We need to achieve most basic of human rights and to achieve a chance of peace and prosperity.

There is lack of accountability, lack of judicial action, legislative body but military has legal immunity and for that region is witness of extra judicial killings and other crimes against the humanity. Domicile rules are being changed to change demography of the region, communication, internet and postal service, health care system and banks were shut down after 5th August 2019, which was violation of international conventions of human rights.

Speaking in the webinar, Miklos Krivansky journalist from Romania said, People of Jammu and Kashmir need solidarity and beside the international community, the Indian civil society should help the oppressed people of Jammu and Kashmir. He claimed that beside human rights organizations, foreign journalists also have no access to the Indian occupied Kashmir. Authorities misuse their power in the Jammu and Kashmir and because we don’t have access, we are unaware of the ground situation.

Shaffaq Mohmmad, ex-member European parliament (Ex-MEP) from UK said, people of Indian occupied Kashmir are suffering military lockdown for a long time. They are deprived of basic health facilities, communications links and other basic services. He added, situation was worse before COVID-19 and became further severe after the COVID-19. He asked European Union to impose condition of respect to human rights and civil liberties in trade agreements with India.

Danielle Karon, ex-member Brussels parliament said, people of Kashmir need peace and prosperity and world should show solidary with them.

She said, as Kashmiris are suffering from violence and severe situation and their problems should be resolved peacefully. Their rights should be given them.

Anthony Crasner, former ambassador of European Union and Endre Barcs, the journalist from Hungary also participated in the seminar.