Time has come we should learn from what we have lost, what we have gained in the past: PM


ISLAMABAD:   Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan has said man does not live in the past but it learns from it and now time has come we should realize what we have lost and what we have gained in the past.

“ Man does not remain live in the past but it learns from it. Now time has come that we should realize it what we have lost and what we have gained in the past. We should learn lesson from it”, he said this while addressing a ceremony held under Pak-Afghan trade and Investment Forum-2020 here Monday.

He said holding of Pak-Afghan Trade and Investment forum is a good omen. Pakistan and Afghanistan are bound in the old historical bonds and Pakistan has suffered the most after Afghanistan due to chaos persisting in Afghanistan since the last 40 years.

He went on to say Pakistan is ready to work with every Afghan government. We welcome Afghan business community delegation on their arrival in Pakistan.

Afghanistan remained part of Mughal Empire for two centuries. It is our bad luck that chaos is there in Afghanistan since the last 40 years, he said. Pakistan has suffered more than any other country due to it after Afghanistan. After Afghanistan, Pakistan has suffered the most in the war which has taken place during 18 years in the name of terror.

It is history of Afghanistan that no external power can wield influence therein but Afghan people decide their matters on their own. The external interference never succeeds therein.

He underlined that people of Afghan will decide on their own which government they elect . Pakistan will work and fortify its ties with whatever government comes in Afghanistan.

He remarked “ neighboring country India is larger than us 7 times more and three wars have been fought with it. During the last 72 years no government in India has come to power which hated Pakistan at the colossal scale Modi government hates.
“We fear Modi government will use Afghan soil for creating chaos and disorder in Pakistan. We tried to make friendship with India but we failed. India is against us ideologically”, he underscored.


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