Our life,death is for Islam and Pakistan: Dr. Kaleem Khan

Islamabad,(Parliament Times):  Dr. Sardar Muhammad Kaleem Khan, Chief of Saduzai Loya Jirga, has said that our life and death is for Islam and Pakistan.  Those who speak against the army are not fighting for politics but for personal protection. The nation cannot support them.  It is not wise to use wrong slogans in Balochistan. We have paid a heavy price for it.  He was talking to Sardar Dawood Khan Saduzai Chief of Saduzai Lohia Jharka Balochistan and Sardar Shoaib ur Rehman here today.  Dr. Sardar Muhammad Tahir Tabassum, Speaker Saduzai Grand Assembly & former Advisor to the Prime Minister Azad Kashmir and Sardar Obaid Khan Advocate were also present in the meeting.  Dr Kaleem Khan said that Jews and Hindus were engaged in conspiracies against Islam but some elements wanted to create uncertainty in the country and the state should keep an eye on them.  The country cannot afford such a situation at the moment
 No patriot can speak the language used in the Balochistan meeting yesterday.  Why are their tongues silent on the oppression, killings and injustices in Kashmir?
 “Our tribe has always been in the army and we are proud of our army and national security agencies who are protecting the country and the nation and protecting its geographical borders and because of which the whole nation is satisfied,” he said.  Political parties should keep their agenda under the control of the country. Trying to bring the country and the army under their control is a futile exercise.
 Dr. Kaleem Khan further said that the organization of the tribe is being organized all over the country and there are contacts in all the provinces in this regard. The election of Sardar Dawood Khan in Balochistan is a link in the same chain. The place will set up organizations.  Dr. Tahir Tabassum briefed the tribal chief about the details of his visit to Quetta and the discussions held with the elders leaders there.
 Dr. Kaleem said that a grand jirga is expected to be held in December or January.