Nawaz Sharif speeches against military, intelligence leadership earn ire of powerful circles


ISLAMABAD:    The circles which matter are highly annoyed over targeting military and intelligence leadership of the country deliberately by former Prime Minister (PM) Nawaz Sharif in Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) public meetings.
PML-N senior leadership has been informed in this regard by these circles they should convey it to Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif that no bid to target the institutions will be allowed to succeed. If it continues then the PML-N will be on the receiving end most.

Nawaz Sharif is appeasing India by targeting army chief and head of national security institution.

On the other hand government has started mulling over slapping ban on speeches by Nawaz Sharif through social media owing to targeting the national security agencies persistently by him.

Interior ministry and information ministry have given proposals on banning Nawaz Sharif address to PDM public meetings. The decision in this regard is likely to be taken soon.

Sources said conditional permission will be given to PDM to hold public meetings. PDM will have to assure before holding public meeting that Nawaz Sharif will not address it through video link. If PDM does not accept this then it will not be allowed to hold the public meeting.