US elections and Pakistan


Shuja Ahmed Awan
The USA is scheduled to hold general popular vote elections on NOV 3, which will give a hint to the US president that whether it’s the same Donald Trump or Joe Biden. Why hint? Because the popular vote is the initial stage and can not exactly let people know of the winner; take for example the elections of 2016 where Hilary Clinton won the popular vote and still lost the elections. This is because the final decision win can only be declared in January, when the electoral vote is cast. Electoral vote is cast by the candidates, for whom US citizens vote initially in popular vote polls. US elections are not only important for the USA, but the whole world. The President of the USA is the executive head of the country. Moreover, the USA is the power regulator of the world and its foreign policy, made by the president, is important to the countries of the world. The USA has diplomatic ties with countries throughout the world, even the isolated ones as of North Korea. Elections not only decide the fate of American people but people of the world. Moreover, elections are supposed to be in the mail voting system instead of ballot box physical voting amidst the surging covid-19 cases in the country. Masses have doubts that this new voting behavior can be manipulated by any of the parties using proxy votes. And, if any of the candidates refuses to accept the results this matter would again be referred to courts and will take time to decide. Joe Biden is, too, not a man unfamiliar to politics; he has been in the office of vice president of the United States of America under the presidency of Obama. He, too, has been endorsed by President Obama for his election campaign and vote bank. On the contrary, President Trump is not only a good hockey player but a strong candidate, who can make the Republicans party triumph the battle again. People back in 2016 assumed Hilary Clinton would win. But, soon the electoral vote results came and it was made clear that the ball was not in her court. In addition, developing countries such as Pakistan need support of the superpower to prosper in world order. President Trump had fine relations with premier Khan but not that good as of Modi. America’s tilt towards India was vivid when president Trump officially attended ‘NAMASTE TRUMP’ in his honor. Joe’s entry in the oval office can change the situations for Pakistan and the surrounding. Pakistan’s Establishment of bilateral diplomatic relations with US can facilitate the country raise its voice on platforms like UN and the Security Council for Kashmir other concerns.

(-The writer is a freelance columnist, based in Shahdadkot.)