Asif Jameel Kully
Pollution is the introduction of harmfulness materials which are also called pollutants.Which effects our environment in annihilation manner there are several types of pollutions suppose water pollution, noise pollution, environmental pollution,air pollution and plastic pollution etc. However, theses pollution have profound effection and horrification to our atmosphere and environment. Water pollution: is the other type of pollution it accurs when harmful substance contaminated a stream , river, ocean,sewer.There are various water borne diseases such as typhoid, cholera, paratyphoid, fever, dysentery, jaundice, amoebiasis and malaria.Chemicals in water alarmingly have negative effects on our health.It mostly accured while we throw waste materials on the ways in the ocean which not only impact Human being but also other creatures which live in the sea.The faltered garbages can be the cause of Cancer. Plastic pollution: which is a modern type of pollution it has hazardous and affronted influence.It is the accumulation of plastic objects and particles in the earth environment that adversely affects wildlife, wildlife habits.It also effects our earth and pollutes it horryfing manner.It can impact the clams while we throw the wasted substance in the ocean either in river. Noise pollution: It is also called the environmental noise or sound pollution.It is corporated of dangerous disturbance to our environment and to our life style. Commonly it is the consist of numbers of impacts such as respiratory agitation, racing pulse, high blood pressure, headic and cause of extremely loud.In addition ,there are multiple countries who have huge catestrophe because of pollution.China which could a high level of pollution 30 percent of pollution is used i. China what is a populated country, United States about 15 percent which is envisioned a super power country by Economicly, other India. 7 PC, Russia 5 pc and Japan which is in the top number by its technology. Moreover, Europe loose more than 190 dollars due to the atmospheric pollution.It is the responsibility of every country to eradicate and eliminate pollution from their countries.Since it has numerous destructiveness to our Ozone layer.