People released by Hunza


M. Yousaf AB;
It is well known to everyone that jails are same as grave but today I have listened that 14 prisoners were released in Attabad by Aseeran Hunza Rihaee committee had dis a marvelous job to fulfill the hope of many families. The imprisoned were arrested in a activist in 2011 over lake of disaster and later sent to prisoner by court. However ten people died and over 30 houses were destroyed in poor Attabad this occurred in a protest which was probably supported by politicians leader on Aug 11 2011. Eventually a father with his son was killed by police. Fearless police had arrested 400 politicians activists and a review of a father that his son was damaged by a hearth disease who is in police custody. Every eye is searching for their females son some fathers are lost also 65 days children did not see his father. Eyes with tears are always rise in Pakistan but now everyone should get justice for any rights from 2011 people are lost but justice didn’t rise.

(-The writer is a freelance columnist, based in Turbat.)


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