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An attack on integrity of Sindh

The very recent issue over the handing over of islands to federal government turned the talk of town . The hue and cry went for off by the dwellers of Sindh. Sindh assembly adopted the resolution condeming the pakistan islands development authority demanded the annualment of it from centre. The ordinance annuciated by federal government recieved sheer amount of criticism from every nook and corner of the country since it was viraled. This move paved way for great amount of uproar in all opposition parties which resulted in walkout in provincial assembly. According to the article 132 of constitution not only islands and maritime boundries but minerals underneath them are also the property of provinces. This step ought to be stopped as Sindh government has not issued any NOC to centre. On the other hand , lawmakers percieve this ordinance as breach of law and encroachment on the sindh’s people. CM termed this as an sttack on the integrity of sindh. This seems very sensitive issue thus must be delt as per rule of law. Any autocratic step could derail the democracy.

Saqlain Sikander Ali Bhutto Karachi,Sindh


Traffic Issue



There is no denying the fact that human’s lives are priceless and they’re much essential than anything thing in the world. But unfortunately, in Pakistan traffic accident is a dire menace with losing thousands of lives. Recently, a news highlighted that three persons including two children died and three others got injured on Tuesday, in a car accident on Lahore to Islamabad Motorway near Sheikh hupar. This is not the only case. There are several accident cases in every year in the country. However, the national Highway and Motorway Police officials have lamented that on average 15000- 16000 people die in Pakistan annually due to traffic accidents and this figure was much higher as compared to the loss of lives due to terrisiom in the country. Additionally, the main reasons of accidents in Pakistan are using mobile phones during driving, overspending, rash driving, violation of rules, failure to understand signs , fatigue, alcohol and etc. So, the government of Pakistan should take a serious action regarding this sensitive problem in Pakistan.

Imtaiz Javid, Awaran

Gas Shortage

The gas Shortage has became one of the biggest problems in winter season for domestic gas consumers. The growing supply gas daring wither on account of fast depleting indigenous resources and the increasing demand of fuel but was never implemented for fear of a backlash. With worsening winter gas shortages a permanent part of our energy crisis for over a decade and a half. Gas accounts for more than half of Pakistan’s to tal energy consumption and is used for a variety of purposes ranging from cooking to manufacturing fertilisers to fuelling cars to producing electricity. The domestic consumers who get the heavily subsidised fuel through one of the world’s largest pipeline gas supply have always led the other sectors in generating new demand. Almost a quarter of it’s population connected to the gas supply network, around 3m more people are waiting for new connections while gas campaigns have the capacity and resources to provide up to 400000 connection annually. Pakistan needs more gas.So the government will have to make new gas exploration attractive for firms by offering them competitive prices. For that it needs to remove pricing distortion and subsidies to bring domestic prices at par with international rates.

Mahikan Sarwar

Economic Challenge

Pakistan is seven decades has faced many econmic challenges. Pakistan economy depends on agriculture huge proportion of national income is from agriculture. The economy of Pakistan is the 23rd largest in the world. Pakistan has population of over 220 million in the world. However, Pakistan undocumented economy estimated to be 36%of its over all economy average nunal GDP growth rates ware 6.8%in the 1960 s 4.8%in the 1970 and 6.5%in the 1980 Average annual. It growth feel to 46%in the lago with significantiy lower growth in the scond half of that decade in1960 national saving in GDP was only 15%afterword at declined rapidly in 2007 security issues of terrorism was up so foreign investor a voidal to get money in Pakistan.

Hina Daad Kech

Plastic bags

Plastic bag is a one the big threats among other. They cannot be decomposed. According to a research, only 1 to 3% of the plastic bags are being recycled. It has caused marine pollution in a large number. It is a big threat for the living organisms in ocean. It can also stop the flowing water. The only option remains to burn but if we burn then they release a toxic gas. Many countries have banned plastic bags including Italy, China, Bangladesh, Germany.

Khuda Baksh Aqbal, Tump

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