Rawalpindi,  (Parliament Times) : The MOU signed on yesterday between the International Labour Organization (ILO) and the International Organization for Migration (IOM) in Geneva to agree on creating framework for cooperation and collaboration to enhance the benefits of migration for all has been admired largely by Pakistani overseas employment promoters.

The framework includes joint support for improved migration governance, capacity building and policy coherence at national, regional and global levels and other areas of work may also be developed.

This admiration and congratulation was extended by the Chief Executive Officer of Knihgt Human Management (KHM), Shaalan and representative of Pakistan Overseas Employment Association Mr. Khalid Nawaz, the protector of the rights of overseas Pakistanis.

He said the Agreement was signed by Guy Ryder, ILO Director-General, and António Vitorino, the IOM Director-General, on the other day at ILO Headquarters in Geneva which was an important alliance between the two organizations. “We all will be stronger and more effective in both fulfilling our individual mandates and in collaborating on areas that are crucial for reshaping the world of work so that it is more inclusive, equitable and sustainable following this agreement”, he added.

Mr. Khalid Nawaz said the COVID-19 pandemic left brutal impact on economies and societies individually and collectively, vulnerable groups, particularly migrant workers and their families were disproportionately hit. “After this myth there could be no better time to reinforce partnership and combine our strengths, so that we can help countries and our constituents build back for a better future”, he mentioned saying more this agreement will help us further solidify our collaboration at the time when joint solutions are so much needed, with a pandemic that is hitting the most vulnerable the hardest.

He quoted ILO DG as saying, “As we move towards post-pandemic recovery, we fully embrace the call to build a better world together, tapping into the added value of each partner. With ILO, we have much to co-create and we look forward to future cooperation within the broader UN family, with our partner governments, private sector and civil society.”

Mr. Khalid Nawaz said more than 5000 overseas employment promoters are working in Pakistan for searching jobs for skilled and un-skilled youth of our country. They are facing a number of problems and they could do better if the government solves these problems.