Arrange marriage


Akhtar Umrani;
It is conventional wisdom that, in every part of the world, marriage is considered to be a milestone in one’s life. But, in Pakistan arranged marriages are requablely the most common form of marriage and are considered traditional in society. However, for centuries arrange marriage is going on in Pakistan. The engagement of boys and girls are done by their families without asking them. Additionally, the majority of marriages in Pakistan amongst British Pakistanis are arranged, including a high proportion of between 38 to 49 percent with first cousins. Due to arrange marriage many birdes and grooms committed suicide and after the wedding many have lift their partners for many reasons. So, it is a kind suggestion to the Pakistani people, specially in urban and rural areas of Pakistan to avoid arrange marriage and let the boys and girls to spend a bliss life . Since, life is the name of enjoyment and do not let their lives be spent with sorrows and circumstances.