UN hopes for peace, religious harmony, coexistence and development of democracy in the world. Tahir Tabassum


ISLAMABAD,(Parliament Times): President of the International Think Tank Institute for Peace and Development INSPAD Dr Sardar Muhammad Tahir Tabassum, who is very active for human rights, peace and religious harmony since 25 years, said that the United Nations hopes for peace, religious harmony, coexistence and development of democracy in the world. Is from In 75 years, this global organization has played a significant role in the well-being of humanity and for peace and security, and it is expected that it will focus on further reform. And a final effort will soon be made to resolve the long-standing complex disputes of Kashmir, Palestine, Syria, Yemen and Afghanistan. In a statement on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the United Nations, Sardar Tahir Tabassum said that in 75 years, the United Nations has solved many complex issues and tried to resolve many conflicts. But the long-standing issues of Kashmir and Palestine, soon after the establishment of the United Nations, are still pending on the agenda, while South Asia and the Middle East are in danger due to these sensitive conflicts. World War III could break out at any moment. Which will be of nuclear technology. The way to save the world from this catastrophe is to persuade India and Israel to accept the facts reality and end their stubbornness, otherwise the credibility of the UN body could be jeopardized. Implementing Security Council resolutions is an important responsibility of the institution itself and the world powers. The growing conflict between religions is urgently needed. The code of conduct of religions and faiths must be implemented. Merely conspiring against Islam and Muslims will increase religious tensions. The promotion of terrorism and religious hatred would be a poison for world peace and would undermine world peace and development