Mobile is an electronic device


Bakhtiar Rahim Baloch
It is in motion all day. Sometimes it is in our hands, sometimes in our pockets, sometimes in our ears, sometimes on the ground, sometimes on the board, sometimes on our chests, sometimes at bedtime, near the pillow. Mobile is currently being used by people all over the world to call someone, take pictures, listen to the radio, calculate time, watch news, watch songs or listen to sermons. Every one of us wants to know how to use it. Some people do not know why we are using it. Whether it is being used for our benefit or for harm, we do not know. Nowadays we are using social media more and more through mobile. Sometimes taking a picture of someone, sometimes sharing something in social media, sometimes sharing something in social media, sometimes recording and sharing something nonsense. By taking a nude picture of a woman, he sometimes abused the lion. Sometimes he wrote a false news and shared it. I have not thought about what is the loss and what is the benefit. I have not thought about the waste of time and money. If we talk about the benefit of mobile, then it is known how using mobile helps us to save our time and money. Goes If we want to learn something through mobile today, we can learn a lot. If we spend all day and avoid wasting money, we will definitely benefit from using it. Today Mobile has come into our hands by integrating watch tape calculator phone radio camera game up to book and a lot of information. It has made reading and learning extremely easy. For example, if I want to read, I can put the book in my mobile and go to my work and read it from my mobile. In social media, we have formed groups, separated all friends and talked to each other about a question, so many friends can learn a lot. When we leave home in the morning for work, we don’t make mobile. If we forget the mobile at home, we go back half way and take the mobile. There is a book in the mobile. Leaving the house and going to the shop. When he went, a customer came and gave him the goods. He left as long as he was engaged in his mobile till another customer came. The driver of the car gets in the car in the morning and goes to the city. A person working in the ground goes to his field in the morning with a mobile phone. When he gets tired of working, he sits under a tree to breathe and starts using the mobile phone. An employee working in a company goes to duty with a mobile phone. After work, he goes to work and sees what his friends have sent him. Now let us as a person belonging to a profession think why we are using mobile and for what purpose we will have an idea of where it was used for profit and where it was used for loss. If we avoid what we consider to be a disadvantage, to avoid what we consider to be a benefit, to spend our free time in what we consider to be a benefit, then many evils in our society will be reduced and only good will be manifested.