Letter to the editor


“Drugs and youth”

The scourge of drug addiction is socially pervasive and an ineluctable habit amongst the students. The studious students acquiring knowledge in Schools, colleges and universities are affaired in taking drugs inspite of apprised concerning it’s irredeemable effects on health. This inevitable menace is becoming inexorable with every passing day. Pertinently, in a laudable and prudent move, the relevant bodies placed a ban on the sale of loose cigarette sticks, through a “Statutory Regulatory Order” SRO, saying that no retail seller or any person shall, sell, offer for sale or distribute any cigarettes unless they are in a packet of at least twenty cigarettes sticks. Ostensibly! now the law also seems confined to the papers only, as every drug addictor can easily get insalubrious loose cigarettes stick of their own accord. Likewise, the unanimously passed bill in the Sindh Assembly, titled, “The Sindh prohibition of Preparation, Manufacturing, Storage, Sale, and use of Gutka, and Manpuri Bill, is also of of no avail with drug addictor still manage to buy drugs openly and in clandestine way, and is unable to eschew elements from illicit activity. There is a exigent need for incumbent government to launch an awareness compaign pertaining to horrible effects of drugs alongwith meting out severe punishment to drug addictors. The premier himself should take this onerous onus to stave off an upsurge in drugs usage.

-Syed Musharaf Rashdi