Letter to the editor


Destruction in Awaran

Black district of Balochistan district Awaran which is destructive in 21st century. It is a wake up call for those who had laked many fundamental rights in the district .People who are apart from education which is the aim of thousands of poor people. Unluckly, there is no any eductional institutions to get eduction. Eventhough, there is no doctors in hospital because of which people are suffering in a way which is dangerous also 2 death case happen because of no doctors in hospital. Actually, rich people are employed mostly they do not know that what is their jobs.The leaders are asleep for the poors needs. Also travellig from Awaran to Karachi it means people are travelling from the troubles if the reaches in karachi then for 2 or 3 days they are broken.As Mir Hamid visited in these area he knows that how the peoples are living.Unfortunately,there is no factilies for agricultre such vegetations are grown like onion, watermelon, grain which are also famous for selling in Quetta and Karachi.If the peoples are suffering from hamalayan blunders then government is quite blind to see the problems and to fullfill the fundamental rights for this poor distict. It is my humble requst to the government to have a influence look on this district.

-M.Yousuf Baqi, Awaran