Letter to the editor


A beautiful province

Balochistan, is being one of the richest and largest provinces of Pakistan, where we are suffering from multiple issues and load shedding is one of them where citizen’s of Balochistan are facing it. On the other side, today the over all countries are running just behind of electricity and it is impossible to do a tiny thing without it. Because these factories and others are working by the help of electricity. Electricity is our right, the government needs to provide us electricity, as it is a part of our lives. Without electricity nothing can be done properly, as a car can not run without fuel. Mostly in Balochistan problems are being raised but nothing is going to be resolved. Last, it is my humble request to our current government to pay attention especially on Balochistan to contribute electricity and fullfil our desires or wishes where we kept hopes on you.

-Zubair Arif Absor.