Kashmiri -Pakistani communities to observe Black Day on October 25


Sardar Zulfiqar;

PARIS,(Parliament Times):   Jammu Kashmir Forum France (JKFF) Chairman Naeem Chaudhry, President Mirza Asif Jarral in a press statement announced here to organize Black Day on Sunday 25th in front of famous Eiffel Tower. All Pakistani community in France are appealed to take part in the demonstration to show solidarity with the oppressed Kashmiri brethren. The statement said that on October 27, 1947, the Indian Army invaded Jammu and Kashmir and occupied it in violation of the partition plan of the Indian subcontinent and against the aspirations of Kashmiris. The Indian army occupied the area and created a situation where people are being killed on a daily basis which is still to be condemned. The statement further explains that October 27 is known as a black day in the history of South Asia, a day of misery since 1947 as India has been trying to implement its immoral agenda in the entire region ever since.
JKFF statement further explained if the Indian Army had not violated all the rules on October 27, 1947, there would have been no bloodshed , but the people of South Asia would have enjoyed the fruits of stability and peace.
JKFF leaders termed October 27 as the darkest day in the history of Kashmir and said that Indian troops occupied Kashmir against the will of the Kashmiri people. Kashmiri leaders said that Kashmiri people have been fighting for their birthright of self-determination for the last seven decades and will continue the independence movement till it reaches a logical conclusion. They said Kashmiris around the Line of Control and across the world observe this day every year as a Black Day. Kashmiri people would never accept India’s forcible occupation of their land and New Delhi and human rights organizations and international powers should realize the ground reality and resolve the ongoing conflict in accordance with the aspirations of Kashmiris, they maintained. They said that the situation in Kashmir has been deteriorating since August 5 last year so a black day against India would be observed all over Europe including France.